Set of 5 German Balloon Advertising Cards

This set of 5 early, full-color German Balloon Advertising cards were published by the Liebig Co., Antwerp, in the late 1800's or early 1900's. They depict scenes from 1783 to 1897 and the reverse side of each card contains advertising for the Liebig Co. products and/or a recipe - all are signed by Baron Justus von Liebig. These cards advertise a product called "Liebig's Fleish Extract" (Liebig's Meat Extract) which was a thick, dark, syrupy beef extract paste. First developed in 1840, Fleisch Extract was sold in glass bottles, and later in tins as well. It gained popularity first as a food for the poor, and then also as an ingredient in middle-class kitchens.
Item Id #: zep-2201-2205