About Brookman "The CoverSpecialist"

Bob DriscollBob Driscoll(deceased 9/25/05), and Arlene Dunn, owners of Brookman/Barrett & Worthen came into philately on different paths.

Bob, was an American Philatelic society member for more than 50 years, collected stamps as a child. He first worked for Hallmark, Inc. in the sales department, where he developed his sales and marketing skills.

Bob started in the stamp business in 1959 and from 1965-1978, he was owner of R & R, one of the largest First Day cover companies in the U.S. For those of you who go back to that era he was better known as “Our Man Bob”. He sold the company to General Mills, then owner of H. E. Harris Stamp Company. As a Vice-President of H. E. Harris he was responsible for developing their first day cover division, special marketing promotions and an Auction division.

Arlene DunnAlong the way, Bob met Arlene who had been a mail order stamp dealer, specializing in U.S. stamps for about 10 years. Her presence at major shows was well known, as she was one of the few women in the stamp business that actually owned her own business. Previous to being in the philatelic industry, she had worked with various major consumer-product companies, such as Revlon and Richardson-Merrill in their marketing and ad departments.

In 1981, Bob and Arlene not only merged professionally, but also personally. They married, and then founded Barrett & Worthen, named after the street intersection on which they lived at the time. Bob left Harris in 1981 and he and Arlene opened a store in Lexington, Mass specializing in stamps and covers.

Bob was President of the American Stamp Dealers Association. Arlene has been active in ASDA arbitration cases in the past and is presently on their membership committee. Both Bob and Arlene have been very active in promoting the ASDA and have been participants in their yearly strategy sessions, after hosting the first ASDA roundtable seminar in the early 1990’s.

Arlene is directly responsible for the publishing of the yearly Brookman Price Guide which includes coordinating of editing and selling of ads. She now is responsible for the purchasing of most of the covers that Brookman buys.

The success of Brookman Barrett & Worthen has largely been due to the fact that they are known for honesty, integrity, and a quality service to both collectors and dealers.

On a more personal note, Bob and Arlene have a life after covers. They have 5 children and 10 grand children.

The Staff

Dick Gagnon, General Manager

Dick GagnonDick Gagnon joined Brookman in May of 1996. Dick was also a collector of U.S. stamps before he came to work for Brookman. He manages the day to day business aspect of the company, helps Bob with the sales part, and Arlene with the advertising end. He also oversees the small staff for customer service and desktop publishing. He is responsible for the Brookman Times and new catalog development and production.

Dick had left for a couple of years to teach video production at a local high school, but ended up returning to Brookman where he feels he has a place to go to during the day. See Dick doesn’t believe in going to work. If it becomes work than he wants out. Being at Brookman to him is enjoyable because of the variety of people he gets a chance to interact with. And he gets to continue learning about history through the many stories that accompany some of the covers Brookman deals with. Dick has been married to Carol since 1976 and they have one daughter named Lea.



Michelle DeGrandpre, Publications Specialist

Michelle DeGrandpreMichelle DeGrandpre graduated from Rivier College in Nashua, NH with a BS in Communication Design. She has been married for 20 years to Roy and has two kids, Alyssa 15, Brandon 9. She currently lives in Amherst, NH. She started working for Brookman in August of 2004. Michelle is responsible for all of Brookman’s cover catalogs that are used to provide our customers with a good look at what we have to offer.